Before I ride off into the sunset that is retirement, I wanted to leave you all with one last thought.  Three years I have been leading November Project NYC.  For three years, we have cultivated a community of athletes here in New York City that has resonated with the citizens here and around the world.  For three years we have made an impact on the lives of thousands of people.  For three years it has been a roller coaster of emotions, near and far.  But for three years there is one thing that we have never done, and that is SETTLE.

Let me take you back to the Summer of 2013 when a young southern boy found his way to the big city and bright lights of New York.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into moving here for an internship.  Most of the people in my graduating class were taking roles close to home to save money, etc. They settled. I decided that I wanted a challenge.  And it took someone taking the risk on a southern boy moving to NYC to make that happen.  Took the job and moved to the big city within three days.  After working her for a few months, John and I learned about this thing called “November Project.”  Thought it was something cool that we should bring to the city.  Three years later, November Project NYC is hosting three workouts a week, holding them in all five boroughs and still growing every workout.


Through those three years, there is one question that you ask yourself every morning. Why am I going to show up to November Project?  Leading the tribe, what got me out of be was growing the tribe and leading bad ass workouts to help make people faster, stronger, healthier.  But now, I am not leading the workouts– how can I contiue to do this?

  1. SHOW UP.  Showing up is about giving your all every time that you are at the workout.  What if you are only feeling 30% on that day, they either show up and give 100% of that 30% you feel or take the day off.  November Project will always be there, ready and waiting for your return.  I promise to not settle into sleeping in and that every time I show up, you will get 100% out of me.
  2. WORK HARD.  Some say that its only the guys at the front, the “fast dudes” that push us.  I don’t think that is the case.  The people that push me are the ones that you see leave it all out there.  These are the people that show up and put their bodies to work to become healthier, to run faster, become fit.  I promise that I will never settle for half-assed efforts, but rather work hard and push everyone to reach that next level, whatever it may be.
  3. SET A GOAL. We have preached this the last two years, getting an accountabilibuddy, making sure you set yourself up for the year right.  Goals are the reason we showed up- lose weight, run faster, add other shit to your fitness routine. Goals are universal. I promise that I will never settle for an easier goal that can be accomplished without pushing myself.

Its been a great run as the leader of this group for three years, but the work isn’t over.  We all need to hold each other accountable to these three things.  If I choose to settle to not showing up or giving half effort, then I am doing everyone else who shows up a disservice.  As a tribe member, its now my job to show up, work hard, and achieve that goal I set for myself.  I will never settle for anything less from myself, and I hope you all do the same.

My final message to you all– Thank you, each and everyone of you for showing up that first time.  If it was your only time or you haven’t missed a workout since, thank you.  That is the reason this community happens, and it is with that simple act of showing up that will continue to help this community grow in New York City, and around the world.


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One thought on “SETTLING (NYC)

  • March 8, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Thanks Paul. You and John have done an amazing thing.


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