Save the Date: #ArcadeMotorcade, March 22nd, 7 pm, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW.

Substitute cool cats for cars.
Substitute cool cats for cars, and that’ll be #NP_DC

Greetings November Project Tribe Member,
You are cordially invited to the #ArcadeMotorcade Race, Saturday March 22nd, at 7 PM, at the WHITE HOUSE.

Concept: Motorcades. They shut down the street. They draw attention. Tourists take pictures of them. They are a defining characteristic of the District we call home. Let’s reenact this as a Tribe.

#GrassRootsGear: Here’s where it gets a little nutty. There will be two outfits: COPS & SUBURBANS.

        COPS: IF YOU RUN FASTER THAN AN AVERAGE 7:30 Min/Mi we ask that you wear ALL WHITE with RED/BLUE HEADLAMPS (local bike shops, running stores, have these). We will be SPRAY PAINTING “NP PD” on these white shirts at every Wednesday workout leading up to the race. Get these ready.

        SUBURBANS: This will be everyone else, WE ASK THAT YOU WEAR ALL BLACK with LED HEADLAMPS. These shirts will have the classic NOVEMBER PROJECT tag on them. We also will be doing race specific tagging leading up to race date.

      CREATIVITY: This is the base model. Flashing arm bands, body tagging, are all fair game. Get in the spirit of the event, get a little bit…fucking weird.

Map: We will causing a scene on the Nations Mall with a run up Rock Creek Park ending in the Foggy Bottom, Georgetown region where a bar TBD will have beers consumed. See below.

Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 6.49.52 PM

HYPE: On a scale of date week to mugshots, we’d like this HYPE to be about an 11. To everyone person who’s said, I’m not a morning person, it’s too cold, the Lincoln Memorial is too far, get them THERE. Let’s make some noise.


LOVE: Always.


Save the Date: #ArcadeMotorcade (DCA)
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