Today in close quarters we ran for ourselves and for each other. We sprinted and wove, we climbed up  and down stairs, we did partner push-ups and figure skaters (don’t forget the kiss!), we box jumped..we even swam on land.

IMG_4217 IMG_4230 IMG_4215

Today was a hodge-podge of many different things. We buzzed through the different parts of the workout with emphasis on a common theme: “Run for Each Other.” This movement began and still thrives and focuses on free fitness but for so many, the movement is greater than just that. It’s a community that is uplifting and inspiring. It pushes limits and extends boundaries. It breaks down barriers and encourages human contact. Each person participating in November Project has a need for it. No matter what flavor of ice cream you like, whether you’re a runner or not, there’s a reason why each one of us shows up every Wednesday/Friday/Whatever other day. There’s a reason why we make plans together outside of “NP O’clock in the morning.” There’s a reason for the inside jokes and the birthday celebrations. There’s also a reason for the pink shirts and signs in in the group photo today. Today we send good vibes to the Pierson family. Scott, your tribe misses you. Take care of your family and come back soon!

This blog isn’t about the workout (sorry). It serves as a statement of perhaps something that doesn’t even need to be said. We are a community. We love one another. We run for not only ourselves, but for each other. Every single day I’m impressed by the connections made, the care, and the communication between everyone involved. It’s truly incredible.

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