Think back in the day. Middle school. High school. College? Think about a time you had a crush on someone. You thought there’s no way they know who I am. They don’t even know my name. But they’re SUPER CUTE.

And then one day, you’re between classes, grabbing that big ass biology book from your locker and there they are. Your crush. Walking towards you. Well, not towards you but down the hall and about to pass you. You lock eyes. Your tongue swells up. You mumble something to the effect of heyumhihelloseeyouinclassokbye. Your crush on the other hand says hey ________ (insert your name here).

That feeling. Remember it.

When someone knows your name, regardless of whether you have a crush on them, it makes you feel like more than a shadow. Like you matter. Like you have potential to be something in this world.

THIS is one of the major things that sets November Project apart from other fitness clubs, gyms, running groups. When you show up, we highly encourage you to interact with someone you don’t know. Learn their name. Cheer them on. And then next week, you remember the name. Use it again. Build a connection. OR, if you’re terrible with names, you simply ask them to remind you what their name is. Because 6:30AM (or 5:25AM) is early and dark this time of year and it’s OK if you don’t remember. But you’re making the effort and that’s what counts.

So next workout you attend (hopefully this FRIDAY), make the effort. Because YOU like it when someone remembers your name. So why not remember the name. Take a second out of your friend group (or make a pact with your friend group to do this and report back). Find the people standing there by themselves or those that look like it’s their first time. We’re not telling you to be best friends. But YOU NEVER KNOW.

In the meantime,

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Remember The Name (DC)
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