It is the Christmas and Holiday Season (the most wonderful time of the year) so we decided to have a Friday Pop-Up on the eve of Christmas Eve.

We played 3 Reindeer Games.

  1. Reindeer Sprints to the North Pole. We formed our Sleigh and Red Rudolph led the pace around half of the park. We ended up driving a little questionable and did some circles in the dark at the top of the mountain.
  2. We played war of the presents. The goal was to get all of your presents (read tennis balls) placed under your opponents tree (read cone) THE GREEN TEAM WON!fullsizerender-10
  3. We finished the workout with some good ole fashioned #hillsforbreakfast — Harvard Stadium style. There was a lot of WOOOOOOO’s this morning but I must say John Hartzell has the best one. It is comparable to Ric Flair. “John we start the race on your count”, followed quickly by nothing but “WOOOOOOOO — GO!!!!!”

Moving forward, eat as many cookies as you can this weekend and plan for a special New Years #PRDay next week! The PR Day of all PRDays. The last Wednesday of the Year! I will update the PR Day master Spreadsheet.. soon? & upload to the NPVB social page.

One more.. thing… look for a Shamrock Marathon Weekend FB event & invite all your friends. We’ve folks from other NP tribes coming to town and this is our weekend to be the hostess with the mostess..


Photo above is from the Bounce before the 8K last year. We sang the Candyman Can. There was video and it was a 6.7 on the scale of quality bounces. One bite, you know the rules. Other Tribes already confirmed for 2017 weekend;

NP_BAL (Ryan & Crew)

NP_PHL (The twins, Juice, Beth??)


NP_BOS (lets get #CapozzitoVB trending)

Have a great day! XOXO, Red.

Reindeer Games (VB)
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