Got your attention, didn’t I? Don’t worry, you’ll see Emily Saul as promised.


  1. Will Bott turned 12 this weekend (wait, what? His childlike personality doesn’t match his age?) and Tom Beau’s hair is another year more majestic. There were two birthday parties, one of which included an appearance of baby Nellie Graham. Things the tribe learned at these birthday celebrations: (1) MKE Brewing Co is for drinking and drinking only. Do not take the tour (2) speed(Will + a few drinks) < speed(Joe Pliner) (3) rematch is scheduled for whenever Joe decides to skip work (4) Tonieh snuck out of the house against the wishes of her children (how the tables have turned). More birthday celebrations will be had in the future; this sh!t was good.
  2. Kruegs is no longer “Kruegs” legally but is still going to answer to Kruegs.
  3. Roger created a new dance move (surprised?). It looks like a dolphin met a Swiss guard, jumped out of the water in a straightjacket, and oscillated at a frequency of 70 Hz. Then repeated this movement to the other side, alternating right to left. Can’t picture it? Ask Roger at the next workout.
  4. We have received ONE recruitment form and that leads us to one conclusion – WE NEED TO BE MORE VOCAL. So now I am sending you a call to action from the comfort of my Christmas socks: recruit the world. Recruit it hard. Give recruitment papers from this link to your garbage man, dentist, and neighbor’s uncle Willis.


Announcements for the week:

  1. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Give someone a hug/kiss/both. Optional: could be a stranger. Just please don’t get arrested. And do something kind tomorrow… and the next day, and the next. Repeat. Forever.
  2. DG posted a message on the Social Page, but in case you missed it, if the Milwaukee Running Festival marathon (26.2, see this article as a warning) is going to be your first marathon, send Mr. Daniel Birk Graham a private message on Facebook. According to the man, he has a “very cool opportunity for that select group.” This opportunity could be: public mockery, public flattery, a dirty diaper from PPG, some sort of award, some sort of reward, or a really cool hat.
  3. It’s been in the forties and will be during the week, and it’s going to warm up into the fifties this weekend. Take that Punxsutawney Phil! Despite this forecast, Mother Nature decided to throw us a curveball on Wednesday morning, which will be a bit colder than the rest of the week, just to spite us. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show up. We need you.


Featured November Project video of the week:

Read this to see a video of Emily Saul sniffing her armpit
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