It seemed injuries, illness, surgeries, as well as a few excuses kept a few core tribe members from #raceday today, but we made up for it with a pretty good newbie showing.  Being that it is race day and it is the middle of winter, any time we have fresh meat this time of year it is noteworthy.

The Workout:

Race Day – as noted on the 1000 other race day blogs we have written

The Indy Notes:

  • Only 6 days left in the NP Indy/NPSF Push-up Challenge!! As a reminder, the challenge is to finish 10,000 push-ups as a team in the month of January. I’ve noticed a few edits to the spreadsheet showing where people are in relation to other team…which is totally fine.  I mean, #raceeverything, right?  But, as long as you are on pace for 10,000 as a team for the month then that is right where you need to be.  Also (and maybe even more importantly) the challenge was to interact, encourage, and generally bro-out with your teammates across the country.  Make friends with your sisters y’all!! We are family. We’ll see if we can factor THAT into the spreadsheet!
  • Race Day brings out the best in people and it is always remarkable to see. Everybody who does this workout knows how freaking hard it is. Yet, when people are done they will do another set of burpees and/or another up-and-over, just to help other people push through.  Jaden captured a great shot in his SnapChat story of several people gathered around doing burpees to help a newbie in her final stretch and the caption was “this is what family looks like”…so true.  And so fucking awesome.  That’s what this is all about.  Congrats NP Indy, you never cease to impress me!!


We made this tracker just for you to track your time, so use it, love it, be friends with it…and you just may win the race day award!

This Friday, the workout out will be at the north end of the canal on the LARGE steps.  The location is right outside of the IU Health building and can be found by googling “Bugg’s Temple”.

Next Wednesday – wear a hoodie.  Lil’ Kim would have wanted it that way.


(Patrick – the Big Yellow Winning Machine)

Buffs are in, so if you ordered one and haven’t received it…show up to a workout, would ya??

Great work today tribe.  Have a fantastic Wednesday!

  • Shaw


Race Day is a TEAM Sport (IND)
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