Wisconsin Notes:

– Winter is almost done. Where did it go?



Here we are, coming to the end of another February. Although we are still guaranteed to see a few more cold-as-fuck mornings before winter goes to sleep (remember Bojan and Nadims 2015 visit in the first week of March was -39) we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Like, literally, there is light out at the end of the workout. I love it when a good metaphor comes together.


All that time spent worrying about the cold winter and poof! It’s almost gone. We might even miss it come summer time. The core, hard-as-fuck winter tribe is a tight knit group that boasts a special kind of crazy, one that can be kind of lost in the exploding numbers of just-show-uppers come summer time. Those of us that have persevered this winter will remember the days of ice freezing through our gloves during sally up with pride and accomplishment. And maybe a little frostbite. But hell, no matter how much we dread it, its never all that bad once you are out of bed. Good, even.

That was by far the best parking-garage PR day we’ve ever had. Switching to the upper half of the garage was a stroke of genius and the person who thought of it deserves to be cast as a golden statue looking out from the upper deck of the garage over his kingdom. That was me. I’m glad you agree.


We are super pumped to hand the positivity award this week to the very deserving Darren. This dude is one of the first to show up every week and he gives me the fiercest hug – I look forward to that hug every Wednesday. His determination and grit is unmatched and we are so lucky to have him grinding out every Wednesday with us. Thanks for your passion, commitment, and for that outrageously righteous break down today!

Warmest regards to you and yours,

Today you summited several floors.



PR Day, We All Play (YWG)
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