This week was my one year leadaversary !!!  I have learned/observed a few things in the past 365 days.


My photography skills were actually worse. Check out my first blog: . My jokes …are still corny.


Power of the verbal: I know a lot of people are afraid to make the verbal because this may happen , BUT know when you make a verbal you are not just making the commitment to yourself to show up but you are also making it to your team. “Oh Mark is going today, cool haven’t chatted with him in awhile I must go!” “I told Katie I was going so I can’t let her down”. Stating that you are going to be there on Wednesday encourages your fellow members that they will have a buddy in the AM  (Sam and I can only be so entertaining!) And the I miss you pages are purely done out of love because when you don’t show up we really do MISS YOU !!



Power of #justshowup : You may not realize but when you #justshowup on Wednesday you are encouraging people around you to get active. Whether it’s when you stumble into work a little more wired then everyone else, or seeing your photos on instagram/facebook, people are seeing that getting up a little extra in the mornings isn’t that bad, getting out side in the winter isn’t that bad, doing 100+ burpees isn’t that bad. My colleagues think I am nuts but I know they are inspired by the commitment I make to fitness. I even have a colleague who is 50+ putting a marathon on her bucket list!!! Also just showing up makes Sam and I really happy.


Power of a hug: A good hug is really freaking nice. And there is actual health benefits!

(Geared to women but we know men need it as well, man colds etcccccc. Believe it or not I did not chose this because of Drake’s cameo at the end, but that guy does seem like he needs a lot of hugs, #NPrecruit ?)

5. Power of being #weatherproof : We can’t escape winter or rain so EMBRACE it. You can actually make the best of these situations and have a lot of fun. Snow freeze tag yes please!!!

Thanks for giving me an amazing first year of laughs, boundless energy, hugs and never reallllyyyyy complaining at whatever Sam and I throw at you. They say morning people don’t exist. Wednesday morning people for sure do.

What you need to know:

  • Jan 25th ONESIE WORK OUT !!!! I am sooooo excited. I have a weird obsession with onesies (they are just so darn comfy). If you don’t have one no stress! You can just make fun of how ridiculous those who do look doing burpees dressed as pickachu, a kitten or a poop emoji (yep it exists) . Be warned: butt flaps.
  • Buffs. We are still waiting but they are coming !!
  • I <3  you guys
Powers of NP
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