The past day was a rough day for sticks, trees and branches across the Bay Area with “Stormageddon” uprooting trees across the city. Even #rungang had to traverse a few en route to our beloved Alta Plaza, where there was also floral carnage with several trees hitting the ground overnight. However, one of our most sacred pieces of timber, the Positivity Award, found a new and deserving home this morning.

Our favourite Kiwi, Kylie “The Baker” Baker has been coming a core member of our NPSF family since early 2014. Can you spot her below?


Renowned for her warm, loving yet powerful hugs (dare I say hugs of Mitch Westwood levels), Kylie manages to concentrate the whole love of the friendly New Zealand people into one single hug. It’s a sight to behold… or hold actually!!!


She had a long period of injury. Due to a touch rugby game I think… as the original founder of the NPSF Touch Rugby team, all I can say is OOPS 🙁 … but regardless of injury, Kylie was an ever-present at our workouts, bringing her radiant vibes to the top of the Alta Plaza stairs while she crushed out a deck on injury gang.

And it’s not only the amazing radiance and positivity that Kylie brings to the Tribe. Oh no. She doesn’t just live up to the friendliness of her New Zealand people. She also lives up to her surname itself. Kylie Baker has become the resident BAKER of the NPSF Tribe. From July 4th cakes to multiple Tommy Fisher birthdays to Olympic medals, if the co-leaders ever need an edible morsel to gift out to the Tribe, Kylie is always there to help.

kyliecakeusa kyliecake2 kylie cake Kylie1  kylie2

The least we could do was award you with some positivity in baked goods form. Great to see the cake/burrito/cookie didn’t last too long…


Not only does her DIY talents and contributions for the Tribe stop at positivity, hugs and baking, oh no! She also has become the impromptu tailor for the Tribe’s onesies, hoodies and oddly enough rugby pinnies.


Kylie, thank you for all you do for this Tribe! We love you!


Positivity Cake for @kyliebakeacake (NPSF)
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