Usually Tom and I would coordinate blog posts, but I am going rogue on this one. Mainly because I want to talk about Tom…

I mentioned the catalysts for Tom winning the positivity award today; his sense of adventure, willingness to push the limit and try new things, and his leadership that we see each and every week. But as you peel away the layers of the onion that is Tom, you’ll find that there is much more amazing stuff than meets the eye. Thank goodness I have a blog, so I can give you a little taste of what’s there, but what I really suggest is you find him- ask if you can buy him a beer or coffee (he won’t refuse either)- and get to know him yourself, you’ll be happy you did.  

Tom is from Manchester, England. And this is important because I think he would say so. His family lives there, his life-long friends are from/live there, and it is the origins of the very tough, hearty, little-bit-macho cloth from which he is cut. And while he has a loyal and deep connection to this place, this man has a thirst for knowledge, adventure, and compassion for people that have driven him to the far corners of the world and back again. Whether it’s working late nights in Hong Kong, hopping country boarders in the back seat of a truck in Africa, to late nights in Buenos Aires, this guy has seen some stuff. And as a result has developed his own unique perspective on the world. I think one of the most awesome things about Tom is that he is not wedded to his own views or preconceived notions about anything, which makes him a great listener and compassionate person. He might not admit this; but he does love people, which is what drives him to try to make a difference for others and the environment (ask him about Ethivest). And the only thing he probably loves more than people is animals… which are basically just people with fur (get your vegan on).

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I’ve been leading this tribe with Tom for several month’s now and I’ve watched him transform from somebody who had no idea what NP is to somebody who oozes the leadership, positivity, ferocity, and kindness that is NP. So Tom, thanks for being you. Thanks for leading us each week. And Congrats on the positivity award!


It was PB day this morning and per usual, you guys showed up and threw down! Amazing job done by all, you continue to push yourselves/each other every month. And Casey and Jim continue to immediately replenish all the calories we’ve burned with breakfast goodies galore. If you can find me a better scone than one that Casey bakes, I’ll pay you good money. Actually no I won’t. Everything at NP is free.                     fullsizerender

SO EXCITED to see you guys tomorrow night at The Four Thieves in Clapham for the NP London Halloween party! Get your fancy dress ready, and let’s hang out doing something that doesn’t involve burpees. Bring your friends! Especially those “I’m not a morning person” people. Once they see how cool everybody is they will realize how much their missing out.

 Till next time. Peace.


PBs, NP Halloween, but mostly Tom….
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