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Yesterday I interviewed the three babysitters on their experience being co-leaders for a day.  All three babysitters are highly qualified and loved by the Tribe. Their energy goes unmatched and are a pure joy to workout with.  They have all been babysitters before but this was there first time together.  So here you have it three separate stories from our super talented dynamic trio for the day.

Mary Arnold


The Babysitters Club

As a kid, I was always the one in my family to babysit. Sibling, cousins, neighborhood kids, it didn’t matter; I watched them all. It was a pretty solid way to earn pocket money at 12 and as a bonus, I came away with a healthy sense of what it took to raise a small human (which I honestly believe I am in no way qualified to do even now). For those that might not have my experience, I wanted to provide a quick-start guide to the chief differences between babysitting and babysitting NP. Hope that you enjoy….

  • Keep to the schedule- kids and NP tribes are pretty much the same in this respect. Kids need to eat dinner, do their homework and go to bed on roughly the same schedule. Similarly, Tribe members need to bounce, burpee and birthday-sing on the approved schedule. If they miss that Q train to midtown because you took too long with birthday-booms, it’s a one-way ticket to no-goodsville for them in the office that day.
  • Play for real- Kids and NP tribes need real, honest playtime. Dancing, singing, funny exercises, made up games, these things are good for both groups. The big difference here is that the Tribe actually benefits MORE. Kids have recess, playdates, field trips etc. NP members usually don’t- it is very likely that when you are dancing around with the tribe, speaker held aloft being completely ridiculous in public, this is the only chance they will get to do that during their day. Embrace it- bump up the volume and shake your butt.
  • Watch what they eat- Big difference here as most kids do not benefit from excessive amounts of sugar, salt or chemically modified race nutrition. Tribe members on the other hand, do wonderfully with this. In other words, please keep the baked goods coming Remi, they are incredibly appreciated.

In short, stay on time, play games with a great soundtrack and let the Tribe eat all the cake they want. You will definitely be asked back to babysit;-)



Nerves. I’ve been fortunate enough to babysit the NPNYC tribe a couple of times in various locations, during different seasons and at different times. The one constant is the nerves. Endless doubts of whether or not the workout is good enough, the speakers have enough battery life, or will the alarm clock work always creep in.

Until the first bounce.

What I quickly realize is the workout, the music, the planning…it’s all just secondary enhancements to November Project. The reason why people always come back is the tribe. The energy, sense of community and show of support was in full force today. Mary and Rob designed and led a great workout but it was the energy each member brought to support its babysitters that made today so great.

So I just want to say – thank you for showing up today.



Let me just start with saying, wow! My second time babysitting, and just when I thought the first time couldn’t be topped, today happened, and just wow. First of all, HUGE props to my co-babysitters, Mary and Jason are two individuals that I really look up to, so being able to work with them was an awesome privilege. Second, have I ever told you how much I love this tribe? If not, I really do. The awesomely unique and inspiring people of this tribe give me a feeling inside of me that is hard to describe. Its like, when you have a cup and you go to fill it up….. but you are super tired…. and not paying attention because its like 4:30 in the morning….and it flows over the top. This tribe fills my cup 10 fold, and baby sitting this morning just reinforced that. Love this tribe.

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