Wisconsin notes:

  • Cold
  • Hot Jamie
  • Great Skate
  • Show Your Goals

I’ll try to keep this shorter than my last post.

Today was nipply, maybe even frigid. I didn’t know if I would ever get warm when I was sitting in my car waiting for people to show up. But then we started moving, and we all got a good sweat on. Kudos to everyone that came; you’ve earned respect from the NP movement across the globe. We’ve had a lot of shout outs on the social today, and you’ve earned it. If this was NP Canada today, you would have earned a -30 badge (they include windchill). We will hand ours out when it’s -31C without windchill. Because why not?


This is Hot Jamie from America. He joined the tribe back in May of 2016, and has been a staple member since then. He’s also become a really close friend; either that or he’s using me to watch his dog whenever he leaves town. He is positive and fast, like his adoring fans say, and he is always fired up for the workouts. Like Tom said this morning when he handed the award off to him, Jamie is always motivating, always inspiring. Way to go dude.


What is this picture from? This is from The Great Skate last year. It was great. This year will be better. Why? Because we are doing it earlier in the year: February 5th. We have talked to The Forks about having the trail groomed the morning of the race. We are talking to Nuburger, Tall Grass Prairie and The Commons about having a post race brunch/beers. We are hoping to have some prizes sponsored and a proper podium. We also want to get bibs to make it a legit 6k race. So lock in that day, February 5th at 8am. Subject to change, most likely won’t.


These are the new buffs. New and blue, just for you. We will be getting them any day now, you won’t know when, so just keep showing up. Make sure to bring $5 to every workout until we get them.

One more thing: Join the Strava/Lululemon challenge starting January 9th, running for two weeks. The challenge; run either 40 or 80km in that two week period and earn a badge. More info to come on this, but for now check this link for details.


Oh hot damn, this is my jam (YWG)
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