There was a moment at the top of the stairs this morning that made me pause and smile broadly. Two of our tribe members partnered up and one casually suggested, “Hey, want to do Bojans?”

“Want to do Bojans?”

This invitation was just as normal as asking someone if they want a coffee. It’s really cool for me as a leader to hear things like that. Not any different than explaining this morning’s workout and having complete confidence that the tribe would look after one another after simply saying let’s do “partner exercises” at the top of the stairs.

We witnessed hoisty Js, romantic figure skater, tic tocs, eye contact squats, high 5 situps and pushups and more importantly one-on-one conversations, laughs shared and smiles gifted. I wonder what commuters who come up the stairs Wednesday morning must think as they see a group of adults sitting on the ground, pulling each other up and yelling “Hoisty”! 

We use sayings like #justshowup, #weatherproof & #adultrecess as a way to describe what we are all about. We call ourselves a tribe. We drop #verbals. Words are powerful. They help to explain how after almost 5 months of dark and cold a crowd still gathers on a -30 degree morning in March, ready to bounce, run up some stairs and do share in some Bojans. It’s a really cool thing! I am really proud of this tribe.

#justshowup 6AM

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

NPisms (YEG)
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