We all remember those days way back when. It’s your turn to present at kindergarten show and tell. You suggest that you simply pick your nose and show your classmates your boogers but your parents want you to go with something else (fascists). Regardless, despite the anxiety of standing up before your peers and discussing a passion of yours, it turns out to be quite fun. Maybe you make a new friend or deepen your friendship with others based on mutual interests. Let’s be real though, how deep is a kindergartener’s friendship? Moving on…

At November Project DC, we preach that at workouts, we’re bringing out your inner kid, no matter how many years young you are. We’re making this city our playground, getting in close contact with each other and showing off our boogers. So we’ve decided to hold a REAL LIVE ADULT SHOW AND TELL.

Get your FREE ticket HERE (only 100 tickets!). We’ll be live on FB for the event as well.


What: Show and Tell

Where: Georgetown North Face store

When: March 31st, 7PM

Who: Anyone that would like to share can submit HERE (DUE SUNDAY 26th @ MIDNIGHT). We want to hear your stories, your passions, whatever you want to talk about. It can be funny, serious, sad, happy, whatever. We’ll pick around 8 people to present and let you know next week.


#NP_DC: Show and Tell
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