Adult recess was in full swing this morning as we welcomed Nick Paul’s workout as the second chosen from the NP BAL workout competition for the month of March. Nick explained his workout to us on the google doc and ended it by saying in his normal humble fashion, “Any changes and accommodations welcome…I just like tag.” Well, Nick, we like tag too AND we also like to have fun and play games before we go to work for the day so congrats on all the SMILES and heartbreaking RPS losses (see the photo album for #proof) you helped create this morning – the tribe for sure loved this one. The man, myth and ironman legend even won one of the RPS battles and made it to being a tagger.


For real it was such pleasure to watch all the smiles go past in the whirlpool that was rash field this morning. The taggers actually looked like they were having the most fun. My favorite comment of the morning was at 530 when someone set off and said to me “where did you guys come up with this one? Google search ‘group workouts’” WHAT?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Not paying attention to any of the announcements or facebook posts that’s for sure. I realize we don’t always have important things to say but now I know that not everyone gets all the memos we put out. Noted. Repeat everything a million times.


If you missed the workout this morning you missed Jutta winning the positivity award. Jutta is part of the OG crew having been a member of this tribe in its first year before returning to Germany for her studies. Luckily for us, she rejoined the tribe when work brought her back to Baltimore recently. Jutta is the bright smiley face that is early to every workout meeting, greeting and hugging the newbies and also routinely BRINGING NEWBIES. She is extremely positive and motivates those around her. We are so happy she’s back with the tribe to help us grow this #grassroots movement towards #worldtakeover. Jutta, congratulations, you so much deserve the positivity award! We look forward to the adventures you bring it on.


In short: Jutta is THE MOST positive this week. She recruits newbies and is a force of smiliness at every workout. Be like Jutta and continue to #justshowup ON TIME recruit EVERYONE. Seriously, can we get some newbies in attendance on Friday and next week??!?!?!?! 

Friday we run hills at Patterson Park. Corner of Linwood and Baltimore. 0630. Be there or be sad and alone in your bed. START FRIDAY WITH US.



NP whirlpool tag (3.8.17)
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One thought on “NP whirlpool tag (3.8.17)

  • March 8, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Do I count as a Newbie if I haven’t been there in like 8 months? #VERBAL #seeyoufriday


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