Hey hey Madison. As you may have heard, we’re having a competition. Inter-tribe show up show down. Rally the troops. In honor of the November Project documentary “Showing Up” (Directed by Dooster, Powered by TNF) that will be showing up across the world in November, we are having a “Showing Up” recruiting challenge!

Here’s the low down:

  • 2 teams: even month birthdays (ex: February) vs. odd month birthdays (ex: November)
  • Bring one new person = 1 point for your team (not the newbie’s bday month)
  • SAME new person shows up again = 2 points
  • Same new person shows up three times = we’ve got them hooked…unlimited hugs
  • You MUST present your newbie to Moriah or Nicole post-workout to be recorded/hugged
  • Challenge begins: Last Friday (October 14th)
  • Challenge ends: Mid November TBD
  • Prizes for winning team: FREE tagging, unlimited Wednesday and Friday workouts, AND an actual surprise that we can’t tell you yet 🙂

Technicalities and other shit:

  • If you bring a newbie, they are grandfathered into your team regardless of their bday month (ex: Steve’s bday is in November. Steve brings newbie. Newbie’s bday is in October. BUT Steve’s newbie belongs to the ODD team.)
  • If Steve’s newbie brings a newbie, newbie 2.0 belongs to Steve’s team. (aka ODD).
  • If you are a newbie who just shows up ( you are the best!), you get a point for your month


  • Not allowed. No possible other questions. We’ve covered it all.

Recruit everyone!  XOXO

Nicole and Moriah

NP MSN: “Showing Up” recruiting challenge
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