This week has been incredible. We’ve heard from Tribe members far and wide about their take on NP LOVE. Friendships, relationships, and marriages are constantly evolving- and there’s no question November Project plays a role in that evolution.

I have been honored, humbled, and amazed by the posts this week. To everyone who has written- thank you. I asked you to be personal and bear your souls for all the world to see and you did not let me down. This Tribe fucking rules. To everyone who has read and kept up with the NP Love series, thank you. I sincerely hope you have felt loved and appreciated and empowered by November Project.

But you didn’t come here for me- so without further interruption, I’ll let the Wardley’s close out #NP_LOVE week.

find a cooler family portrait- I DARE YA
find a cooler family portrait- I DARE YA

The Wardleys are honored to wrap up the week of #NP_Love blog posts! It has been great reading through all of the previous posts, and quite honestly, the thing we love the most about NPDC is how much we see ourselves in all of you! NP provides a constant source of support & inspiration, like Charlie expressed. It is a unique activity that allows partners to work out together yet apart and strengthen relationships in new and fun ways (see Ron & Deb #relationshipgoals!). Like the Bros, NP has provided a necessary post-rugby outlet for us, a place to get all of the benefits of a team sport and be accepted, nay encouraged, to act and dress as crazy as you like! And like work-wives Zoë and Kerry Rose, NP has given us real-life wives (surprise! we’re not sisters!) something new to bond & scheme over, although we are jealous you guys get to share so many meals together!

"Look Mom, I'm helping!" -Lola
“Look Mom, I’m helping!” -Lola
Finally, the newest thing we love about November Project is how much you all LOVE Lola. Seriously, you guys have been so supportive of the newest member of our family, from watching her while we run laps, being her personal photographer, providing playmates for her, walking her while we’re at work, dog-sitting while we’re away on weekends, putting up with her jumping in front of you and sneak attack kisses, and constantly cheering her on at workouts (seriously, she gets more cheers than we do, but we don’t mind!). Oh, and special shout-out to Juliana for helping us get Lola in the first place!
proper cleaning technique for the PA
There are too many reasons we love November Project DC to list here, but the biggest reason is YOU! Yes you! So keep on #showingup, keep on keepin’ on, and keep spreading the #NPDC love!
Rachel, Rosie, & Lola!
Lola, you truly are a majestic creature
 I will stop referencing Valentine’s Day and love ad nauseam now, but admit it, this was sort of rad, right?We’ll keep bringing the love, good vibes, and pure joy every Monday/Wednesday/Friday for as long as you’ll have us. Happy Valentine’s week, happy fucking Friday- I love you all.
NP Love: Part 5 (DCA)
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