OKAY. If this is your first foray into reading the blog, welcome. If you’re a long-time reader, welcome back. I cannot stress enough how fucking GOOD these guest blogs are for this week. They will make you laugh, cry, probably want to call your mom; but overall, they will make you believe in the power of NP Love. Today, we are going to hear from Ron and Deb Buch- two of the REALLY REALLY GOOD ONES.

ron and deb1


You know and love this couple, and if you don’t, you SHOULD. They are fantastic, phenomenal, overall two of the most top-notch gems on planet Earth. They are one of many couples we lovingly know as NPDC’s unofficial “mom and dad,” and they’re writing today to drop some knowledge on us about their own brand of NP LOVE. Buckle up, y’all this one is a real doozy.

ron and deb

NP and Valentine’s Day go together so well. November Project is often a place where relationships are formed between people with a common interest in fitness. But it is also a place for people to reconnect after years spent focusing on careers and raising kids.

Life can pull couples in many different directions and interests can diverge. To make relationships work (like fitness) takes commitment and a partner. Finding activities that interest both people and that they can do together can be a challenge, but it is a great way to strengthen a relationship. If you think about NP and its fitness model, it is a model for relationship building. Exercises that people can do together, regardless of differences in speed or fitness are a key to NP’s success. For us, being able to work out together is a new thing made possible by NP’s model.

ron and deb 2

After 25 years of spending nearly every morning apart as one or the other of us is off to work or getting the kids ready for their day, we now have a new thing to share – mornings together at NP. Time together strengthens relationships; and NP has helped strengthen ours.

Happy Valentines Day from the Buchs❣️ 💑

ron and deb4


Are you crying? I’m FUCKING CRYING. Thank you, Ron and Deb- y’all are the best. Come spread/receive some NP LOVE on WEDNESDAY 525/620 @ Lincoln. And be on the lookout for another FRESH blog post coming soon.


NP Love: Part 2 (DCA)
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