excerpt from March 20, 2017:

March Madness continues far beyond the initial round upsets and Cinderella stories coming from the NCAA tournament this year.  In the heart of Boston, the November Project tribe brought enough madness to land them in the Final Four this morning.  The grassroots free fitness movement, which originated in Boston in 2011, has branched out from running hills and climbing the coliseum stairs of Harvard stadium.  In the name of fitness, the self-identified tribe is now officially bouncing balls and nailing 3-pointers all while hugging and getting extra-curricular burpees on the sidelines.  Participants claim the workout is, “the best thing since inflatable balls,” and the roster appears to be stacked with genuinely amazing human beings.  The home-team Celtics are sending scouts to the next workout and college teams that have already been knocked out of the tournament are looking to adjust eligibility regulations in order to bolster their teams with NP’ers for next year’s big show.  The recruit at the top of most teams’ list is known locally only as Capozzi, who is not only a wicked baller, but is also already receiving recognition from prominent influencers in the fashion and hip hop worlds.  For locals who love basketball and free fitness, November Project Boston holds workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:29am.  #JustShowUp


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