So the last post was pretty awesome, whoever decided to add that, nicely done!  It wasn’t just Tammara Prancerciser that did the ultra marathon, Marshall crushed the 50km as well, and there were many from NP YYC that were at the grizzly ultra marathon, doing the relay, and they kicked ass.

On a side note, we will be starting a new blog format for awhile, getting different perspectives from different humans within NP YYC, and have guest blogs.

This was pretty special week, we had the whole ‘be thankful squats’ followed by real breakfast, then Wednesday, people decided to show up even if they only had 15 min. before having to be at work, ie. new job, can’t be late, gotta get three sets of stairs in before though.

Some big announcements were made, including some inside info drop on a movie premier happening in the month of November, this will include hugs and thankful squats as well, or maybe not, we’ll see.

Keep your eyes on the social media, there are even bigger changes happening next week.  check it, like right now, or in an hour, go, like a picture, make a comment, then check back in!



Not Tammara, but I am Tammara….
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