New York, NY

Leaders of this tribe wear neck ties and beards to work. On their resume they have a 4 minute mile, majestic handle bar mustache, and an hour long train commute to the workout. If your biggest complaint is that the workouts are not two blocks from your apartment, you should know that our friends in Edmonton commute for days through Canadian tundra so they can hug each other in -30 degree weather. Stop looking for excuses and get your ass over to Gracie Mansion!

Every Wednesday at 5:28 & 6:28AM
Location: Gracie Mansion Groto (86th/East River)

Last Wednesday of the month, we meet at the Wards Island side of the 102nd St. footbridge. DON’T MEET @ GRACIE.

Location: TBD (Destination Deck)– Check our social media and blog that week for the locations. 6:28a.m. ONLY.

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And if you’re showing up for the first time looking for the Co-Leaders, look for these friendly faces; This is “Coach” John Honerkamp and the one and only #Paulleak. These two are a special breed for sure. Good luck.