• IMG_0472some of you may know last Sunday tragically my father fell and hit his head that caused a hemorage on his brain. He went under emergency surgery and when he awake was in an induced coma.  In a flurry of events my mom rode in the ambulance and when arriving to the hospital her cell phone was dead. She was instructed to go to the waiting room outside the ICU where she will be given further notice if his condition post surgery. That is where she was welcomed open arms by the Lopez family. They extended cell phones, weather updates offered food and water. It was shocking to me that this family was so willing to help us.  Over the next 48 hours my dad remained in ICU for observation and was in an induced coma till that evening. This was terrifying seeing someone you love more than anything powerless. Throughout the night we saw the Lopez family come in shifts their was about 30 of them that we could see. All taking turns to spend time with Mr.Lopez who was also in a coma. He had been in a coma for about a month. Mr.Lopez had cancer and it has spread all throughout his body.



By by that evening my father started squeezing our hands and finally opened his eyes. He was awake ; surgery went as plan and my dad was on his way to recovery. Last Friday my mom, sister and myself all went to the hospital as my dad was finally coming home! This was such an exciting moment for my family we were so excited to scoop him up. On our way in we saw about ten members from the Lopez family.  My sister smiled largely at the family and inquired on Mr. Lopez there response was, he’s about the same.  My mother instinctly wrapped her arms around Maria who is Mr.Lopez’s daughter and Maria smiled ear to ear and said I love hugs.  My mom held on to Maria for what felt like fifteen minutes.  Tears were welling up in my eyes 6 days ago we were all complete strangers. We then as a group hugged every single member of the Lopez family and engaged in a lot of promising of prayers and sending healing vibes to Mr.Lopez.  The power of a hug is often under estimated.  It can change someone’s entire day.  In that moment I thought to myself how did we all know this is what we all needed.





Theres one person from November Project NYC that knows the meaning of the power of the hug. That person is Reggie. He goes in for a big bear hug nothing skimpy and looks that’s person right in the eyes  and asks them their name. He gives a hug that makes you feel warm inside and at one time he was a complete stranger giving you the best hug he could possibly give. Today is Reggie’s birthday he arrived to workout like he always does 15 minutes early to dole out some amazing whole heartily hugs and full face smile. Reggie your hugs are contagious and very much appreciated. You are a true beacon of positivity. I am so glad you are here and you can put a fresh perspective on my day when I see you every Wednesday. Never under estimate the power of the hug as it can change your entire day. . On my lowest days after a hug from you I really having nothing to be sad about. I’ve said a few times before and I’ll say it again Reggie my day has been made and I thank you for that. IMG_0467

Never under estimate the power of a hug
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