IMG_7166I met someone from Milwaukee this morning.  She goes to the NP workouts there.  Her name is Stephanie and she was pretty pumped to be at the workout in Boston.  She knows NP through the world of DG (Brogan Graham’s brother, and founder of the Milwaukee tribe).  She knows that #rogerisyourdad and I’m pretty sure she is in love with Christine Smith (because anyone who is alive should be, because seriously, she’s amazing.) That’s the world of NP_MKE.

The moment we had involved her referencing DG and confirming that I’m a leader here.  And then I hugged it out with her friend Sara(h) from Philly (who has not yet shown up for an NP workout there, and who probably verbaled for one during our conversation, and who couldn’t stop smiling after our workout), and her friend Ben (from BOSTON, and who verbaled in his heart for Wednesday).  This moment was hugs, smiles, introductions, recruiting, excuses, more recruiting, excitement and congratulations, and now a fond memory.

I had another moment with a sweet young friend from the WOO tribe, who hugged me from behind for 2.74 minutes before I could turn around and figure out who was hugging me.  The whole time I just swelled with happiness for the feeling of being hugged that long… and then we realized that her school/spring break schedule allows her to be in Boston for all the workouts I’ll be missing for my work/travel schedule, therefore this was the one and only workout I’ll see her at in the next two weeks.  Despite all the initial excitement about her being in Boston we had repeated disappointment that I wouldn’t see her, so we settled on just enjoying the shit out of right now. This moment, sometimes is all we’ve got.

Yup, sometimes moments are all we’ve got.  The moment when you turn and look up Comm Ave as your fellow tribe members run in silhouette as the sun rises.  The moment when you bounce and bump into someone next to you and don’t feel like you have to apologize, but instead you kind of love how hype it feels to bounce and yell your face off in a group of adults at 6:30am.  The moment when you hear someone say, “I’m glad you’re here” and you let yourself hear it.  The moment when you draw a King for the 4th time in a row and have to go do 13 whatevers–you groan, and you still go do it.  The moment when you feel someone working hard next to you.  Really hard.  So hard and so focused, it makes you work harder.  The moment when you hear yourself cheering for the person you’re chasing, or passing, or who just passed you because you’re genuinely happy that they’re there next to you (or ahead of you).  The moment when you realize you didn’t think about being cold for the last 7 minutes.  The moment when you can’t feel your fingers and keep running anyway.  The moment when you see the steam rising off someone’s head and you smile because you got to see that in the midst of the cold and the sun and this Tribe.  The moment when you think to yourself, “this shit is good” or “fuck, I love this tribe” or “I’m glad I got out of bed this morning” or “I’m really glad I’m here…this was worth it…I should come to more Mondays” or whatever goes through your head.  The moment you smile at a non-tribe member as you run home.  The moment you want to cheer on strangers getting on the train or crossing the street or riding their bikes to work.  The moment someone asks you how you’re doing at 9am and you can only smile because today has already had SO. MANY. MOMENTS.

Monday moments.

Wednesday moments.

Friday moments.

NP creates so many of these, yet each of us is truly receiving and sharing the coolest shit about NP if we keep making meaningful moments for all the hours in between the NP workouts.  So wherever you are in your Monday as you read this blog, go…make moments.  Meaningful, awesome Monday moments, with everyone you can.

Keep changing the world.


Monday Moments
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