In a weird turn of events, Jen is spending most of her day on a bike, while Andrew couldn’t come to NP this morning because he had meetings and I was the one who had to go to work.

This morning felt like a throwback workout to me. I spent much of it chatting with Robin. It reminded me of what things were like back in our first winter in 2013 when we would run up and down Emily Murphy Park with a Bose speaker in my Bailey Works bag, and a Sony camera around my neck. These were the mornings that Jen would tell crush the dreams of 4 year old children who wanted a -30 badge because it was only -29.  They were also the mornings when Andrew would spend more time visiting other tribes than at his home tribe. Emily Murphy was where someone told me they swallowed a live goldfish straight from a centrepiece at a wedding. Our turnaround point at the top was a pedestrian sign which people would high five. At the bottom, we turned around where the vehicle entrance to the park was. Some days, it would be so icy that you would go flying straight onto the road. All too often, we’d have to push cars up the hill because they’d be stuck coming out of the parking lot. It was also when people would park illegally and every time a cop car would enter the park, people would run down to move their car so they didn’t get a ticket. Walterdale is the third hill we’ve been at. A few of you might even remember our first hill, or our port-a-potty group photos. The one thing that hasn’t changed since then is my playlist. It’s probably time we get a new one. (Anyone want to  create a NP Canada playlist on Spotify?)


Monday’s workout is at Emily Murphy Park. I’m not sure why, but its the only location in the city that I can think of right now.


Memory Lane (YEG)
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