Of course we are going to start it here, the man in orange with the crazy hat, did you know he was actually someone that was introduced to November Project YYC when Brogan Graham was here himself.  True Fact.  Keep reading, this post gets even more interesting.img_6080

Marshalls pumpkin was given its own hashtag, use it, enjoy it, have fun with it. The hashtag says Brogan Graham needs to come back to Calgary, but it also says #MarshallsPumpkin.  Keep Reading.img_6094

The cookies, enough said.  Michelle, you’re so crafty, and damn they were tasty!  She also starred along with Kylie from such series as “Kylie Kore” (stay tuned for more on that) a special video in which we sent to Brogan Graham.img_6105

And this, not only did they “Show Up” they did the entire workout in costumes, sweat, and whatever else was involved, didn’t stop anyone.  Speaking of showing up, received an incredible message and to extensive part of this post by one incredible human.  I, Tammerica have been creating a special video of what “just show up” means to people here in Calgary (stay tuned for that one too, starring all of you).  Apparently that question really stuck with some, and one person wanted to share her story.  So, without further ado, meet Rae.


img_6072Yeo T! All that showing up talk thats been happening for that hanger premiere party and the “what does just show up mean to you” question really resonated with me and inspired me to write something on it. Also that YYCNP blog with everyones story is also amazing and so I felt I might as well share what I wrote with you. You can share it if you like, use it for inspo of some sort or maybe it will just put a smile on your face. All are fine with me 🙂 Here it is!

March 31st 2016 6:10 am At the bottom of the memorial stairs… I showed up.

I remember this morning like it was yesterday. I had heard about this free fitness group, “November something?” from a co-worker of mine as a suggestion to meet and connect with fitness/health motivated people to further network my business. What a great idea I thought, Today would be that day.

I was nervous. The clock read 6:13am, its time. Quickly checking my reflection in the rearview, leaving the car and headed towards a rather large crowd strangers the “semi-in shape me” approached.

It’s amazing how fast the ego can kick in, for that fear-based negative self-talk to surface. We all experience it, especially in those new situations where you feel you don’t have your bearings. “What have you gotten yourself into”, “This is going to be awkward”, “how are you going talk to these people about your business?”, “Your not as fit as these people”…. the list goes on. Lets just say I had a bad case of the fear-talk as I neared this crowd of “fit” & “colorful” strangers.

I stood within the group, quiet and alone for what felt like only a mere second before a tall, confident, curly haired chick with a beaming smile meet me with a friendly hug and the most genuine “Good Morning!” I had ever heard. This shortly followed by others approaching me to exchange the same hug and warm “good morning!”. The fearful ego shut up right then and there. I was welcome.

After that it didn’t take long before we all closely encircled each other for a “game time bounce” …which I soon learned means, collectively being as goofy and as loud as possible at 6 am whilst chanting motivational words and ending with a few passionate “F’K Ya’s”. An inexplicable energy of its own.

We then all hit the stairs. Queue ego again with its challenging negative talk, “These people are way more fit then you” “what if you cant keep up”. Step by step, Flight after flight, it again was shut right down by the warm and positive energy of unfamiliar silhouettes that offered high fives and “Good jobs” as they passed by me on the stairs. My confidence grew along with my eagerness to push myself just a little harder on each flight until time was up. We ended the workout with some group core, a few individuals stood out as they playfully joked around. Laugher & smiles were exchanged, followed by sincere hugs and complements. This was not just any fitness group of strangers, this was a family.

I walked away from that chilly morning workout with this indescribable warmth in my chest, an amplified sense of physical strength and total social acceptance.

I would be back.

It’s been almost 7 months since I first showed up and I can say I have hardly missed a workout since. Over the last 7 months those unfamiliar silhouettes have transformed from friendly faces to known names, and now to dear friends. I have grown, laughed, sweated and brutally pushed myself at times alongside this community of amazing peers. I am deeply grateful for each of them individually, for it is their own uniqueness & different walks of life that make up the amazing whole that is November Project. I rise early and strong with these people and it is because of them that I am inspired to write this.

It was a few weeks ago when our amazing leader Tamara had asked us all to participate in a short video clip and share what “Showing Up” meant to us. With short notice and a camera right in my face I blurted out what ever I could think of at the time. It felt incomplete for lack of a better word and the question of what “Showing up” meant to me continued to grow & consume my mind for the weeks to come and so I decided to share it in writing.

Showing up for me, happens the night before, when you set that intention, that alarm clock and decide to rise out of bed, rain or shine, before everyone else and wake the city with fierce spirit. November project is a 6am party I never want to miss out on. It welcomes everyone from fast to last, It’s a place where we come together as community and exchange that “good” energy. It’s a setting where people from all walks of life leave their credentials, responsibilities, stress & excuses at the door and just show up. It’s a place to recharge, connect with and befriend many people who you probably never would have approached on the street. Showing up is purely that… showing up as you are. You are no longer the single mom, hard working lawyer, struggling student, or any other social label, you are solely in you, in your tagged shirt ready to take on the day with this empowering tribe. It’s a sense of community I had no idea existed in this world and a movement worth rapidly sharing and extending to others. Showing up has inspired my to step further into my own greatness, to show up not only for NP but for my life, my health, my desires and ultimately for others. I believe everyone can take home a little something from such a community.

So whether you come for the kick ass workout endorphins, to share cookies or jokes, the exchange hug, high fives or just plain let out a few good “F’k Ya’s!” at 6am. Just SHOW UP. It could turn your day around, it could even turn your life around.

6:13 am….

We Bounce! #JustShowUp


Meet Rae, she #justshowsup
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