While the theme of the workout was St. Paddy’s Day, many people had to forgo their green for whatever the hell they could find to keep them warm as the winter winds have decided to stay through the middle of March.  With snow flurries and temps topping off at 18°F, our card flipping-with-glove dexterity was tested.  After reciting an old Irish NP_IND blessing, groups of 5 or 6 gathered around a card bucket like it was a garbage fire flipping cards until an actual fire drill whistle was blown for an up-and-over.  The lucky clover (clubs) signified a short rest while spades meant burpees, hearts – leg raises, and diamonds called for a full group hoistee sesh.  We warmed up soon enough, sadly, the speaker did NOT warm up and stopped working just in time for us to do our ‘Thunderstruck’ burnout.  So we improvised.


The Lore:

  • Observations on our Irish accents:  they started out fine but quickly went from Irish to British to Pirate to Australian to Borat.  So pretty much spot on, I think Paddy at NPSF would have thought he was home for a wee bit had he been there today.
  • Shockingly, no ‘Julius Caesar’ references today.  Which is probably a good thing because nobody got stabbed.
  • Last year’s St. Paddy’s workout was done in shorts and short sleeves, which means that we are coming up on a lot of people’s year anniversary as the newbies start coming when the cold air starts leaving.  To those who have been here a year…congrats on making (almost) through winter and a full year!!  This is also prime recruiting time as the weather improves so spread the love this spring!!
  • And, yes, I know St. Patrick’s Day is actually on Friday, the same day we have a workout, so we could have done the theme then BUT it is truly a holiday worthy of a weeklong celebration, perhaps more.


(Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It)

And with that being said, come earn your St. Paddy’s Day weekend with us on Friday morning at 6am.  Throw your green back on and meet on the SOUTH stairs of the Indiana War Memorial (On Vermont St. between Penn and Meridian).

Your friendly stranger in a black sedan,


May the Stairs Rise to Meet You (IND)
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