Dear Jabra, Warm up. We'll see you soon. Love, Us.
Dear Jabra,
Warm up. We’ll see you soon.
Love, Us.


Dear Jabra jambox,

We had a great workout designed for the morning.  There would be much squatting, pushing up, and other exercises that become quite nefarious when repeated for minutes on end.  You verballed, as you do, for both the 530 and 615 workouts because you knew we needed you there.  Ryan even charged you all night, snug in your bed, with visions of tribespersons dancing in his head.  You climbed in his pack and turned it up loud, much to the delight of the 530 crowd.  When 615 came to warm up with a lap, you settled down for a long winter’s nap.  I threw out my phone while Julia dashed, and Starbuck came in to save my ass.  But it was too late and it seems as though fate had finally intervened, as I screamed to equate the velvety falsetto of our man, Freddie.

Jambox, we love you, but #justshowup applies to all things NP.  So when you peaced out mid-615 show, that cut us pretty deeply.  We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed.


Don’t lose that vibe.  Don’t fake that funk.

Major Woody


Friday: West side of Nature & Science Museum 530/615a

Friday 7p: Dan Zube is going away for a hot second.  Come help send him off at Wynkoop Brewing!

Masterpiece Theater of Classic Rock (DEN)
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