Happy St. Patrick’s Day you crazy wonderful fools!!!!!! Today also marks another important holiday for many members of the tribe: LA Marathon Eve Eve. There’s nothing like being surround by people crazy enough to run 26 miles to keep you motivated through those burpees and bananamans! And there’s nothing like being surrounded by people who will be waiting eagerly at Mile 19 to scream out their lungs for you to get you amped for Sunday (because you weren’t enough already).
If you’re on the fence about coming to the cheer station Sunday, please PLEASE come. Apart from the benefit of supporting your tribemates, it is an extremely rewarding experience. The first cheer station I ever went to I was not stoked on being there – if you haven’t known me long you might be thinking, “Come on Maggie, you get stoked about everything!” But I solemnly swear that I have my grouchy moments and being forced to go to this cheer station was one of them. It was a non-scenic marathon in Ventura and it was a stop on the way back from a camping trip. I was tired, dirty, and under caffeinated, but I was dragged there because everyone else in my car was going. I stood with the other NPers and cheered because other people were cheering. AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!! You’ll find that at some point during every cheer station, a runner locks eyes with you. Maybe they yell, “thank you!” but maybe they only have enough energy to barely smile. Still, there is no doubt that your cheer takes that runner out of the negative headspace they’re inevitably living in at mile 19 and puts them back into a state of believing in themselves and feeling strong. You will make that difference if you come out, and you will walk away feeling like the fucking amazing person that you are. Also Willie aka the Planking Champion of the World has promised me he will be stopping mid-marathon at the cheer station to plank with me. Because Willie is absolutely nuts.
Did I mention that you guys were crazy strong today?!??? I personally witnessed every single one of you knock out tricep dips and box jumps that I will dream about tonight. Personally my favorite moment was when I went to adjust Stephen Ruiz on his dips and he said, “Mags, I know what I’m doing, but I’m phoning it in right now,” and then proceeded to show me 10 tricep dips so beautiful that I was reduced to tears. Or maybe it was seeing Angelo do box jumps one-footed. Or maybe watching Akiko and Ashley complete the circuit over and over like two world-dominating machines. Maybe it was seeing how Angel and Adam Kaufman held their planks until their legs shook so hard they gave out – but they refused to drop a moment before then. SCRATCH ALL OF THAT – my favorite moment was everyone yelling “Top o’ the morning to ye!!!!!” during the bounce. We are all extremely skilled in our accents.
See you kids around this weekend!!! Marathon runners, we are very proud you. In the words of our very own James Greenebaum, “You’ve put in the work, this is your victory lap.” Your tribe can’t wait to celebrate your victory with you.
DO GREAT, LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wednesdays in March @ Grand Park, 5:27 and/or 6:27 am.
    • 11 am – 2 pm. #justshowup sometime in there.
    • We will be Roxanne-ing. We will be Sally Squatting. We will be spreading the lurveee that is NP-LAX to our fellow runners!
    • Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S. Figueroa St
    • March 19th, mile 19!
  • MARCH HOMEWORK – Bring back the written verbal! Text a friend, facebook message them, e-mail, just put the verbal in writing!
Marathon Eve Eve (LAX)
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