ICYMI – yesterday was the LA Marathon. We had roughly 20 NPers running and every single person destroyed it. Something that I didn’t fully grasp until I trained for a marathon myself is that running a marathon isn’t a science. You can follow a training program for a specific goal time, you can cross-train and foam roll and stretch like crazy, and you can have sorted out all your nutrition, but it still only ups your odds of having a good race. I would have training runs that made me feel like a superhero and training runs that were so brutal, slow, and painful that I quit on them early and could only hope that’s not how I would feel on race day. The stakes are high on marathon day because it’s THE day: the day to prove to our family, friends, and ourselves how strong and fast we are and that all that hard work was worth it. But in the end, all you can do on race day is hope the stars align and live in the experience of running 26.2 muthafucking miles.
Some of our tribemates raced yesterday and everything worked out perfectly and they crushed goals and PRs. To those runners I say: WE ARE SO PROUD!!!!!!! Some of our tribemates raced and for whatever reason, it was a tough day. To those runners I say: WE ARE SO PROUD!!!!!!!! Every NPer that crossed the starting line crossed the finish line. That is an unbelievable accomplishment!!!!!!
Then there are those warriors who didn’t run the course, but ran the mile 19 hydration station. I AM SO PROUD!!!!!!!!! We did such an awesome job that we were asked about volunteering during other races throughout the year, and were also asked back to run a water station next year at LAM. We killed it. Everyone was full of energy and silliness and fun but was also attentive, efficient, and hard-working. Lily and Brad’s cup-holding form was flawless. Kurt’s cup-stacking skills were nothing short of breathtaking. Jasmine opened boxes really quickly. Shani and Aari were professional Gatorade-stirrers. Matt Siner let no cup go unfilled. Jonathan had some fun with latex gloves. We all pooled our talents and I gotta say, it was a smashing success.
And then there’s Molly Goldstein (it’s my last chance to make that joke so I had to take it!) aka Molly Pearlman and Rachel Goldstein. They insist on being modest and acting like it wasn’t a big deal to run the water station, but I’m going to tell you that it was a big fucking deal. Those two have been putting work in for months to get that hydration station together, including outside meetings they had to attend. Our station was one of the *****elite***** hydration stations and that’s because the LA Marathon knew they could trust Molly and Rach with important shit. We were also one of the late hydration stations, which meant Molly, Rachel, Ron Pearlman, Cynthia, and Kevin stood out there with water and Gatorade until every last walker came through. P.S. Even though there were a couple other hydration stations that were supposed to be open late, they packed it up earlier than us and peaced out. But the NP station didn’t because we care about everyone and that is why we are simply the best.
My heart is so full and I can’t stop happy-crying every time I think about getting to scream my ass off and hug and kiss you guys as you came running down the course towards me. Every one of you lit up my world. Steve was full of grit and determination but his smile said everything. Marcus was like, “WHEEEEE is this supposed to be hard?!????” Tona, I will remember that hug forever. And our group hug around the Prices was the cherry on top of a truly incredible day. IMG_3863
Keep doing great, LA!!!!!!!!!!
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