We #justshowedup ready to prove our weatherproofness, but luckily the weathergods spared us this morning. Perhaps it was the influence of our ancestors, pleased with the oomph behind our hoisties, the perfect form of our push ups, the glorious dippiness of our dips, and the straight-up badass speed of our hill sprints. Not to mention some beautiful tributes to the totem pole that I witnessed; Herschell’s butt-tap was done with such elegance and grace that I was very nearly brought to tears.


YOU GUYS the push ups were on point today!!! If you don’t all know Stephen you have to go attack him at the next workout. Not Selnick and not Ruiz, although I am fully behind attacking them for no reason at all. I’m talking about the Tall Stephen (who I always call Miguel by mistake) who did push ups with me until his arms physically could not anymore. He lowered his chest to the ground, he let out a really ferocious grunt, and he struggled through that push up until his arms literally gave out. I love him.


Then after you’ve attacked and thoroughly freaked Stephen out, go latch onto Liana and never let go. Homegirl is a ray of sunshine and an incredible athlete without an ounce of ego. She’s the kind of person that if she’s your friend, you know you’re doing something right in life. Congrats on your rainstick, Liana. If it rains in the next week or so we all know who to direct our complaints to.


DO GOOD LA!!!!! I have a deep obsession with all of you.



WEDNESDAYS IN MARCH – Grand Park, Downtown LA

BIRTHDAY WORKOUT – Friday March 3rd, 6:27 am @ Santa Monica Beach

BETTER THAN BEDTIME – Saturday March 4th, 5:00 pm @ Pershing Square

Meet up, run a 5k to another location, drink all the beers with your friends
RECRUITING EVENT – Sunday March 5th, TDB time @ Hollywood Farmers Market

We’re gonna #justshowup and tell other people to do exactly that.

March 19th, mile 19!
Team name: November Project LAX
Password: dogoodLA

Many Thanks to Our Ancestors (LAX)
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