We love that YOU love NP! YOU are what drives this thing, what keeps it going, what gets people up early and in shape!



This one was simple (to tell, not to do): an up-n-over with lunges across the east top platform, burpee-broad-jumps across the west. Boat-holds, valentines-making, and decline pushups at the north platform.



  • First, the temperature clearly lied this morning. It was one cold 30-something-degrees. Great work sticking it out everyone!
  • Much, much love to Jaden! That dude absolutely rocks! Thanks for the pics!
  • Friday’s workout will be at 6a at the tent down by the NCAA hq.
  • Marti Gras theme next Wed; beads on beads is the theme.



Most importantly, the valentines. [Scolding teacher voice: “Didn’t you ever learn to put the most important points first in your writing?!”] They were a creative mix…

From the direct…


050 051


…to the poetic…



…from the pessimistically sincere…

042 043


…to the indisputably logical…





…what they’re all saying is………….





Happy Valentine’s to all, and to all a good week!














Love is in the st(Air)s (IND)
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