Our hearts are on fire. Almost literally, because we are in Florida.

Wed. February 15th, we gathered for humid hugs and exchanged phone numbers…. Wait, what?? You may be thinking. I thought this was a free workout group. Not a free dating service. (Trust me, this group is limitless.)

In each of our hands, we held a piece of paper with an anonymous Tribe member’s phone number written on it, which was, in fact our workout. Each digit corresponded to an exercise written on a poster. In between each number, run a lap to the end of the dock (hug someone) and continue on with decoding the phone number for your workout.

Photo cred: Vlad
Photo cred: @VladMazek

Why are we hugging at a workout? You may still be nervously thinking. For countless reasons, we hug because we love you, centuries of multiple research studies show humans need human contact, we family, it’s also been proven that awkwardness brings people closer together, hence, hugging newbies when they first arrive to a NP workout.

Thank you for participating each week and bringing other to share in this huggable nonsense! Speaking of your courage, the bonus challenge after the workout was to text a “Great Job/Glad you’re here” sexy selfie to your mystery number. We got some pleasant responses.

Thank you for showing up and bringing the love — the love of sport, community, yourself, each other. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

See you next week for our Feb 22nd Wednesday workout starting from Gators Dockside Baldwin Park:
5:45am Jog around Lake Baldwin
6:29am Workout
…breakfast following the workout at Bikes Bean Bordeaux Café.

Love & Humidity
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