I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everybody who supports us from afar (aka social media only – you know who you are, and we still love you), thank you to everybody who just shows up week after week (#wecouldntdoitwithoutyou), & thank you to anybody who has ever been involved with #NP_VB. Your contributions to this community do not go unnoticed. This past month has been a blur (the good kind) & just another reminder of how #thisshitisgood.

#TheNorthEndProject challenge this month was a huge success. In total 14 of you made it. Tues PM & Weds AM workouts. Shout out to the crew. Jennifer, Herb, Malina, Maureen, Lauren, B Nard, John, Tyler, Gary, Diana, Peralta, Anthony, Ted, & last but not least Tyler. BOOM.

I could go on about how awesome y’all are, but I also wanted to take a moment and say good luck to Herb! He will be traveling & racing the Honolulu Marathon very soon & also – thank you Herb for early the Christmas gifts to the tribe. We’ll be waiting for ya when you get back!

Let’s keep this momentum going into the winter! #Verbal (it was 68 degrees today) #weatherproof
Photo Cred Below: Lauren


Also, We finally tagged some rainbow #grassrootsgear. I must say that ours look the best. <3


ONE more thing, Barry EARNED the #PositivityAward today. Thank you Barry for all that you do in this community. It would not be the same without you.


okay. one last thing. keep your eyes snap for a possible ninja pop-up tomorrow (aka Friday morning, I know the blog post is a day last and 0$ short). We will wear all black, The location will be dope, we will not talk, at all. Just work.

Love Red

leftovers for breakfast (VB)
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