Here’s the deal. Today was out last day at #loveJoyWharf, but what if it wasn’t over? What if the #4for4 challenge continued? What if just like the Indiana Jones movie series, there was still more (only the sequel to the OG doesn’t star Shia Labeouf and totally suck*!?). For those of you that #justShowedUp today, the game isn’t over. Introducing #lastOneStanding.

Hold your hand up if it still has a July 4th bracelet on it! No one? Damn.


Sounds like it’s time for #lastOneStanding. The PRIZE? Ultimate bragging rights as the Ultimate Destination Decker, and something really, really, awesome–for you to wear? For you to eat? For you to put on your wall? Only time will tell… But you probably want it. You’re probably going to be super jealous of whoever gets it. You should probably #justShowUp.

Elin “I’m actually #43945for43945” Flashman
Julia “@juliawhoward” Howard
Dan “I went to bed at 2am and still showed up” Adameitz
Jake #justJake Dillabaugh
Jarod “J-Rock” Cain
Jesse “Dooster Famous” Ledin
Justin “Lil Baby Huey” Hewitt
Joev “I never miss a chance to dress up for a workout” Dubach
Daniel “DRoth” Rothenberg
Paulina “Straight Face Queen” Pascual
Lizzie “WOahMAN” Pollio
Jeremy “J. Snacks” Selwyn
Kara “G.O.A.T.” Ryan
Dan “Jurassic” Cahoon
Diana “Oscars Expert” Hunt
Scott “Yes, like the instrument” Piccolo
Casey “Rev” Revman
and Christopher Anthony Capozzi***

NOTE: If you’re not on this list and you should be, we don’t know that you came to #4for4. Please let one of us know asap!


This morning was dope as hell. Just like it always is, ’cause us here at November Project Boston are awesome human beans doing awesome sh*t in beantown. #awesomeSauce. We did 40/20s with a #chaosRace at the end, followed by the #randoDie–it was a 5 for those keeping track at home and Malcolm left a puddle of sweat on the ground. You know–typical Monday things. Get after it and keep crushing the week, folks.

Much Love,
– C. Payne (Bahahaahaahaaaa**** )

*wait–maybe it should? Can we recruit Shia Labeof**??
**For “Today in Weird Internet Things Chris Payne Knows About,” check out this.
***Not eligible–but wouldn’t win anyway ’cause he hates #freeFitness
****my animal noise
*****it’s supposed to be a goat
******I think the last one might have been round two of “Today in Weird Internet Things…”

Last One Standing
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