Last night at the Oscars, La La Land almost won Best Picture. Emphasis on almost. They literally had their hands on the award. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Here at NPSF, almost winning is still reason enough for us to make our Oscars workout focused on you.

Today, amidst running up a nice hill, when random jazz from La La Land soundtrack came on the jabra speaker, pairs of world-class dancers matched up for a little waltz. It was as awkward and beautiful as you’d expect it to be.


These guys are professionals ^

Tonight we trade our dancing shoes for our sprinter ones! Meet at 5:55 at Dolores Park (19th and Dolores). Then we’ll head to our alley to throw down. Beers after at Zeitgeist. Don’t forget to wear lights, dress in great glowy garb, and come prepared to race your little hearts out! Did you know there’s a Fast and the Furious 8 coming out this year?!

La La Land and Alley Racing
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