NP MKE had 35 guest leaders at the workout on Friday. I don’t know how they did it, but there was $0 charge for plane fare – considering some of the Amsterdam leaders made it, there must have been either black market deals made or just straight up magic. Who knows.

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This week’s challenge is brought to you by the cast of Pay It Forward, Charmin Ultra Strong, and Lady Gaga’s epic half-time jump (for no reason whatsoever):

For the next seven days, you, tribespeople of Milwaukee, are tasked with finishing ten deeds, five secretly selfish, five secretly unselfish.

Secretly Selfish:

As always, we try to recruit the whole world. During this week, we challenge you to reach out to at least five (5) people in your community and to tell them about November Project. Tips to making this conversation (a) not boring for the person (b) not relevant for the person (although you know NP is always relevant) (c) comfortable for you:

1. Start by asking them about something they’re involved in and try to understand why they like it

2. Ask them why they stopped going to or doing something they used to like

3. Read into the things that motivate them and the things that deter them and USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE

e.g. You have a friend who doesn’t like getting up early but if they don’t have to drive somewhere they’re more likely to go. This is the perfect opportunity for you to reach out and be the generous soul that we know you are, offer to chauffer them to and from the workout, and to give them a wake-up call in the morning. First of all, you’re catering to their needs, showing them that you really listen and care. Second, you’re holding them accountable, which will instill in them the darkest sense of guilt should they skip (especially if you’re already at their driveway – this helps if you can arrive at their house thirty five minutes early, break in, and shake them awake. That’s sure to get them jazzed for the workout).

4. Use your new recruitment invitations! Reminder: you can print those here. You will be awarded with a prize if you win the Februarch/Mebruary (February + March) challenge.

This is secretly selfish because they don’t know you want to win. They think you’re reaching out simply because you enjoy their company (but we all know that’s only part of your motivation). Still, you will have strengthened a friendship.

Secretly Unselfish:

Now comes the anonymous kindness. This week, reach out to five (5) random people and commit a crime of random kindness. Some examples are:

1. Standing in line at Dirty Starbs (Starbucks) or Colectivo, tell the cashier stealthily that you’re going to cover the next person’s coffee – but BE SURE THE NEXT PERSON IN LINE DOESN’T NOTICE. Be the ninja you wish to see in the world.

2. If it ever snows (which is very iffy here these days), wake up a bit earlier and shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk.

4. Make a bunch of signs that say motivational quotes with cute baby memes (example below) and tape them above urinals and on the inside of bathroom stalls. (This counts for one person of your five so don’t go thinking you can use all five on this one)


5. Buy a really cute card and a piece of chocolate and if you notice someone who looks lonely and/or sad, write a super kind note and slip it into their purse/murse like reverse pick-pocketing. Just don’t be creepy enough that they call the police on you – we are not responsible for any legal action that results.

6. Did you notice I skipped 3? TRICKED YA

Make this darn spankin’ great world and city an even darn spankin’ greater world and city this week! And do not ask for recognition. The point is that this is a personal chore, meant to remain quiet; if you’re out there proclaiming that you helped Polly do her dishes, you’re basically asking for a gold star sticker and Polly’s going to feel like people think she can’t do her own dishes. Don’t ruin Polly’s day. Make Polly’s day. And keep showing up.

When you’re done, post #killemwithkindness10 on Facebook if you feel like it. If you’re a mathematically talented person, you can count how many people post that hashtag, multiply it by 10, and *oh snap* you’ve got a ballpark estimate of the number of people NP MKE reached in a week. Throw that thing on a scatter plot. BOOM.

Kill ‘Em With Kindness
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