HOLY MOLY, it’s March?! Time’s flying over here, especially when you take a week off work and go on vacation leaving Pat and Nick without their third wheel to make people sign waivers and blow whistles. Just kidding, I should take a minute right here to say THANK YOU to Pat and Nick for the past week. I will repay you in #freefitness and hugs, forever.


This morning the circus came to NP_BAL at the suggestion of Megan and Kyle Pickard and it was weird, harder than anticipated (I think). If you don’t know Megan and Kyle it’s because they are mysterious creatures of 0530. THANKS KYLE AND MEGAN (pictured below per the for getting creative and allowing Nick to let out his inner lion-tamer, Pat his adorable cat, and me my inner (and terrible) mime-ness. We had adults covered in mud before most of their colleagues got out of bed this morning. If that’s not a November Project win then I don’t know what is.

megan and kyle

While the 0530 group had some “growing pains” we had this workout fully ironed out by the time the sun was rising and the 0630 group took it in full stride. I personally believe that’s because it was too flipping dark out for 0530 so they couldn’t see how completely absurd they looked flapping their wings skipping. That’s what facebook albums are for anyway, right?



Two things that stuck out to me this morning:

  1. The only under 10 year old in the group refused to get his hands dirty bear crawling
  2. One of the “adults” in the group finished one of the circus relays, looked at his hands and said “this is great!” Which I took to just repeating so everyone could hear that “THIS IS GREAT!”


“This IS great.” That’s why we come to November Project. Sure, you might have ideas in your head about what you want to get out of each workout and sometimes the workout doesn’t live up to that. Sometimes the point of the workout is to look absurd and laugh at ourselves. If you aren’t amused and happy of yourselves after this morning then PERHAPS you need to click that link and follow that boy’s advice. Sure you probably didn’t get the CR on the fed hill segment** but I bet you learned someone’s name today. HOPEFULLY you learned a new name today and maybe something else about them besides how good they look crabwalking. The important part about today’s workout is this…let’s please keep NP weird. PRs and pushing yourselves to the brink is awesome and important but also making connections and smiling are essential to the magic that is November project.

Thumbs up everybody, for rock ‘n roll ! *****

Happy Wednesday y’all. I am happy you’re here!




You can still submit workouts thru some point this weekend HERE


**If you don’t know what I’m talking about, carry on. It’s not important.

****if you didn’t get this reference go back to the link and watch that video, really, it’s magic.

Keep NP weird (3.1.17)
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