Another month, another PB day smashed. Watching you guys giving everything you’ve got coming down that final straight and across the finish line is always very inspiring. What a sight…

The best part is how you guys push each other to get better. Groups of people working together with such positive energy to get through the course is what NP is all about. Whether you are the fastest or the slowest, giving the person next to you that little extra “good job” or “you got this” goes a long way. And we can’t thank you all enough for the other little contributions you make to the group- whether it’s a new exercise idea, Jim’s breakfast spread, or Joon’s key chain smuggling racket…this is truly YOUR community, and you guys are owning it…Tom and I just make the workouts…

Oh! And about today’s bounce: you may have thought dance circles were something reserved solely for weddings and school dances, but now they are part of working out. So keep your signature move in mind when it comes to PB day… or maybe next time it will be a Waltz, or salsa, or the Harlem shake, or maybe we won’t do it at all?!?


A few other announcements:

We have created a google doc to track our PB times. You can find the link to it on our Facebook social page (join the page!) there is a tab for each month where you can record your name and enter your time for that month- this way it will be easier for you to track and access the information whenever you want it. Boom.

NP-London PB spreadsheet


At coffee today Jake said he would get a November Project tattoo if we had 200 people show up at a workout. Though he was serious, Jake seemed pretty carefree and lackadaisical about the whole thing, while Casey Cutting had an evil twinkle in her eye as if she was excited to etch the tattoo into Jake’s skin herself. Is this even possible? What would 200 “fuck yeahs!” echoing around the steps even sound like? How much positive energy can that place even hold? Would the queen wake up? Would Jake get that tattoo on his ass? 200 people, how freaking crazy would that be?!?!

We shall see…but it all starts with a simple question to your friend, your mom, your sister, your boss, or your barista… “will you be there next week?” because this shit is good, and we want them all.

We love you,
Tom and Jake

January PB day at NP London
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