The start of The Great Race 2017. Photo by Emily Patrician @epatricianphoto

Wisconsin Notes:

  • Race Recap
  • Thank you to everyone who made it possible
  • Winnipeg is Winter

Simply put, yesterday was pretty damn cool. When you think about it, how many 5k races on skates do you know of? Winnipeg is a winter city, why not embrace it and not just accept it, but appreciate it? The vibe at the race was something else. The start of the race was hilarious and intense. The conditions were perfect. The food was unreal. The HYPE was real.

The ice was amazing. Photo by Emily Patrician @epatricianphoto

One group of people that go a bit unnoticed and unrecognized is the ice crew at The Forks. They worked their tails off to make sure the ice was in great condition for us. A late night flood Saturday night, and the brushers out early Sunday morning, made for the best possible conditions. The river froze terribly this year, which made their job that much more difficult. For everyone that raced last year, you know that this year was exponentially better in terms of ice conditions. I’m sure there were still a few spills, but like we said, you’re racing on a river. Again, huge appreciation for the RRMT Ice Crew.

The racers walking down to the starting line. Photo by Emily Patrician @epatricianphoto

We also need to show appreciation to the following people/companies:

  • Nuburger: those breakfast sando’s were amazing
  • Tall Grass Prairie: that brunch set up was delicious
  • The Common: the space was ideal and the breakfast flights and mimosa’s were a great touch
  • The Forks: they are always helping us with our crazy ideas, making our experience that much better
  • The North Face Winnipeg: they’ve come on as a sponsor for our bigger events, donating some great prizes and setting us up with the tent, the start/finish flags and the race bibs.
  • Lululemon Winnipeg: coming out for a second year in a row to stand in the cold and hand out hot chocolate
  • All the NP YWG volunteers, without you this day wouldn’t have happened like it did. Brian, Dennis, Nathan, Janet, Carrie, Charis, Renee, Kim, Chris, Jaime, Marina and Lindsay. (in no particular order, just reading off my email send out). If I missed anyone, please let me know.
  • JT from the WFPS run; lending us the timing clock
  • The MCKC for lending us the speakerphone and the timing devices (which unfortunately didn’t work in the cold)
  • Emily Patrician; for taking some great photos which will be posted soon on Facebook
  • Garret Fache (wildhousemedia); taking videos, which we should have by next week

The brunch after the race was arguably better than the race itself. Nuburger and Tall Grass put out quite the spread, and they did it with no monetary gain. They priced it so that they would cover their expenses, as they just wanted to help out with a true Winnipeg moment. So make sure you go support local businesses and eat at their restaurants (like I have to convince you, those burgers and cinnamon buns are the best in the city). Using that newly renovated space in front of The Common was perfect; we took over the whole area and it was a great way to socialize after the race.

Photo by Emily Patrician @epatricianphoto

The race itself was also a ton of fun. Unfortunately, our timing device froze and we don’t have any official times for everyone. If anyone is really upset by this, we can refund you your race entry fee. We will be posting the order that everyone finished in soon, we just need to match names to bib numbers first. It was a photo finish for first place between Murray Carter and Derek Whitehill. Kyla finished shortly after them for first place female. Really though, it’s not about how fast you raced, but about how much fun you had. And we had all the fun.

Next year we will work to improve the whole process to make it even better; improved registration procedure, maybe timing chips to get official times, gluten free options at the brunch, swag bags, etc. All that being said, it was still a great day with great people, so thank you to all of you that came and raced, volunteered, and supported.

See you all on Wednesday morning at 6:14am at The Forks. Don’t be late. Bring your hype. I have a feeling there may be some newbies out this week.



It was a Great Skate, Winnipeg (YWG)
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