The #VERBAL: n. binding oral contract between two or more individuals stating one’s intent on following through on a commitment, usually used when committing to attending a workout with friends.

Example: I wasn’t sure about going but then I hashtag verbaled so now I have to go…hashtag accountability

This sacred word, one you might see in this context added to Miriam-Webster next year (we’re campaigning hard), was dragged through the mud this morning. Well, the mud that had frozen over and was hard as a rock. A frequent visitor to November Project DC workouts, one of our own sullied this high-held practice of verbaling. This is her story.

There once was a girl named Ainsley. When her friend Phoebe saw this, Phoebe knew Ainsley would be at the workout this Friday.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 6.43.24 AM 

Even when Phoebe saw this, she was sure her friend would make it.


But come 6:30AM, Ainsley was nowhere to be found. So what happened? We have few ideas. And it starts with this:


And it turns into this:


Or maybe even this?


(I mean, I guess we’re happy to see you’re having fun… without us.)

But we get the feeling it may have ended like this:


But still, Phoebe thought you might rally and bike there, because after all you only mentioned your running being impaired.

‘Cause of WHAT? Oh Ainsley. SMH.

Phoebe was shocked… aghast…. Confused (much like you in this picture). 

Think of the pictures you missed out on (again). 15585186_1304950979557482_2591104333479080808_o

It hurts us to think about it (THE ANGUISH). 15965920_10206439872315043_136043938252203914_n

Even as Phoebe sat there, Ainsley was texting her to say “I forgot to set an alarm…”

Whatever your reasons, we’re not mad, we’re just disappointed. 


P.S. Get it together woman. 

It Pains(ley) Me to Say This… (DCA)
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