The #FreeFitness movement continues in the Racing Capital of the World—Indianapolis. Led by Shaw and Casey, this tribe brings the thing that Indy as a sports town needs to be most – early morning hugs and kickass workouts. #WakeUpNaptown and get #RacingFit with the #NP_IND tribe! #JustShowUP.

Every Wednesday 5:28/6:15AM at the Indiana War Memorial North Stairs.

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This is Shaw, aka BiggieShaws,  half of the #NP_IND leadership.  Shaw has wild and crazy ideas and the memory of a elephant. The sweetest word in language is your name. And Shaw will remember it…along with most lyrics to 90’s rap songs and obscure 80’s movies.  He’ll be waiting for you with a giant hug along whenever you decide to show up. Rain or shine.


Jason ShawINDedit

And this is Casey, aka CaseDawg, aka Legal Case, the other half of #NP_IND leadership and Chief Counsel.  He’s the fastest man you’ll never see drink water.  He knows all 36 Chambers of the Wu Tang Clan and all 27 Amendments to the Constitution.  He can’t wait to see you and cheer you on.


#JustShowUP.  #HugYouSoon

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