Wisco Notes:

  • Barely any of the tribe knows Jedward. This is a good thing.
  • Ohio may be for lovers, but Valentine’s Day is for burpees.
  • There is a nice little article about us on svveat.com – and Johanna and Darren came out and took some photos this morning so keep an eye out for those being posted on their channels.
  • Frank crushed the workout about 10 hours early, because he’s in Indonesia and he misses us. Way to go Frank!


Whatever your personal feelings about Valentine’s Day, one thing is for sure. No one is lonely at November Project, and everyone gets a Valentine at that nearest workout. Everyone who got their arses out of bed and just showed up this morning is our Valentine. And it the spirit of no one being lonely, we made sure that everyone had a partner, and used it as an ingenious way to trick you all into doing more burpees. Your card says burpees? Do burpees! Can’t read what your card says? Do burpees. Don’t want to do scorpion planks for the third time this morning? Do burpees. Essentially, burpees are the solution to most of life’s little problems. And that is why we love them.


We hope you all had as much fun this morning as we did. See you all again next week for a workout that we’re leaving entirely to chance!

Ice Ice Baby (YYZ)
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