This little doozy comes to us from an OG member who likes only one color. So much so, he refers to every other color as ‘not yellow’. We know it’s a little weird, but we like him anyway, even when he asks if we have any other ‘not yellow’ colors to spray paint his #grassrootsgear with. Scott ‘Yellow’ Goldstein trains with us extremely regularly (and also often shows up to TBC on the days we don’t NP). We’re not sure if he needs an intervention or a badge of honor. Either way, we’re glad he’s here to talk about #destinationDecks.

I Love Mondays! (please read the voice of Oprah proclaiming her love for bread)

Like most people, most of my life I started off thinking that Monday’s were the official end of the weekend and back to the 9-5. But my mindset has changed over the what feels like 28 years (actually 4 years) I’ve been coming to November Project #dogyearsmath.

Wednesdays are awesome because of the epicness that is Harvard Stadium.
Fridays on Summit Ave are what gives you the strength to pass 100 people at races anytime there is a slight incline.

But Mondays are where all your best November Project memories come from…

That was a Monday.

While you can track your progress and PRs on Wednesday/Friday, Mondays are about forging friendships with that guy/gal you’ve seen for a while but never actually conversed with. Next time you pair up with someone at a Monday workout, connect with your partner and make a new friend. We spend so much of our lives in our friend zones, but Mondays from 6:29-7:07AM are when you get to meet that painter, business VP, social worker, transponster, etc that you never would have crossed paths with. Mondays allow you to explore not only the geography, but the community of Boston.


Love Mondays.

   -Scott Yellow-
I Love Mondays!!!
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