I’ve had the luxury of jumping into many different NP workouts around North America in my travels.  I have my favourites of course and was born and raised on the mothership of Boston but there really is nothing like coming home to NP Canada.  This tribe is so positive, so diverse, so tough, it makes my defence of keeping the Canada moniker so much easier when I can just point at our crew.  These are the dog days of winter and it really is tough to drag your ass out of bed on mornings like today, doesn’t matter how positive you are.  But between the smiling new people, birthday booms, positivity award giving and following people giving out a thousand high fives, it’s impossible not to feel amazing after the workout.  Even after a few years it never gets old!  Thank you for this, I can only imagine how different the feeling would be at the end of a cold-ass, solo morning workout on a morning like today.  Sorry for the short blog, gotta take the kid to watch some hockey. 🙂

Monday will be here, quiet bounce…  6AM

Home Sweet Home
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