Yeah, topical blog post title, but limited relevance to this particular post. I just can’t resist jumping on the bandwagon.

So, this is another two-in-one post. The downside to having a real-life adult job is that I have just enough time for a shower after Wednesday workouts and the I’m on the subway to the office, without time to write anything. On the plus side, at least I’m still in Canada!


So yeah, Wednesday. I remember lots of push ups, lots of sit ups, waking up Thursday morning with sore abs (ooooo yeahhhh I have abs) and an informal RMT consultation (thanks Ben!) that inspired me to invest in a lacrosse ball. If you know, you know. Claire pulled another cracking workout out of the bag, which also combined hills, stairs, and even a game of rock paper scissors. What’s not to love?!

There was also a baseball game in Toronto on Wednesday that some people might have heard about, but more on that later.


Friday: another of our Tour-onto mornings. We met at Nathan Philips Square, which I will forever more think of as NP Square. Erin and Sarah were interviewed about tonight’s game by a bloke from some radio station, but alas, try as we might, we could not interest him in free fitness. That didn’t stop anyone else though. With this weekend being marathon weekend, I opted for a circuit based workout: each side of the pool (or the ice rink as it soon will be) was a different station for a partners workout. Tri dips made their very first appearance in a November Project Toronto workout, and pretty much everyone eschewed the opportunity to do some more wheelbarrows and did lunges instead. I guess you could say we lunged into the weekend. It was cold, it was energetic, we didn’t stop for anything, and I can’t think of a better way to start Friday than hanging out with you guys! I’m already excited to hit up those stairs with you on Wednesday.

But first, let me run a marathon.



  • Good luck to everyone racing on Sunday! Maybe see you out there.

  • I mentioned the baseball earlier. If you’ve been paying any attention at all to our Instagram today, you’ll have noticed that a wager has been made between NP Toronto and NP Kansas City. The leaders of whichever city loses the ALCS has to throw down as many burpees as they can in seven minutes. If only we’d had this in place when Giovinco put 3 past Sporting Kansas City earlier in the summer…

ALCS Throwdown Simple


  • The Tracker is back up and running. Set up a profile, drop a verbal, track your workouts. Boast to your colleagues about how many burpees you’ve done this week.

  • Wednesday 21st October. Be there or be square!
Holy Bat Flips (YYZ)
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