Dearest Tribe,

This is your co-leader Jake sending you a post card to remind you to register for the hackney half. Incase you haven’t seen it posted on the FB social page, I am including the link and discount code below so you can get registered. Click on the link, and sign up! It’s going to be amazing race and there is still time before the price increases on March 1st. ALSO, if you want to roll the dice you can come to every single workout in march to have a chance at winning a FREE entry to the race thanks to our good friends at Virgin Sport. They are always looking out for us, ensuring we have plenty of places to toe the line and test our speed. We are keeping track of who shows up each week. So make sure you #justshowup!

£10 Discount code: hhnpldn006

registration link

This pic is awesome….

mike cutting

last week I was in France drinking all the wine, and this week I am in Boston paying homage to the NP mother ship…the Harvard stadium…have fun on Wednesday. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and give Tom a hug for me.




Hackney Half Registration! Do it now!
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