Ned Stark said it best. Winter is Coming.

We’ve seen the not so subtle shift from bright to dark, warm to cool, dry to wet. And for anyone who was a part of the tribe this time last year, you remember what is to come.

Last year, the numbers dropped come November, there was no denying it. Maybe people got busy, maybe there was a particularly bad epidemic of S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder), or maybe you just put the heat on too early and it made it impossible to get out of bed to go outside.

Or maybe you just didn’t know about us yet! (this is really not an excuse anymore).

So before you start hitting that snooze button, remember the fundamentals that NP was based on. Regardless of whats going on outside your window, JUST SHOW UP.

The winter months were not only some of the most fun workouts that I experienced in the last year, but also my favorites because when you are covered in rain and dirt and sweat at 7:13 AM feeling like you just ran a Spartan Race, you feel like a badass and you ride that all day long. You get faster, stronger, and you appreciate the sun just a little bit more.

So here it is, my official #verbal for every workout, Wednesday and Friday,  October-March (with a few out of town exceptions, one of which I will be running Summit Ave Hills).

I am ready for a winter of hugs, high-fives, hill runs, sweat, dirt, and happy happy tears. This is where you go from member to core and occasional showing to Kool-Aid guzzling.

Are you in? Let me hear you #VERBAL!

-Jess Horan

Winter Hype: Guest blog by Jess Horan (SEA)
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