Well it’s that time again. New month, new Wednesday location. Today began our downtown adventure in Grand Park. Grand Park is awesome because it is spread over 4 different levels. Each one providing a different landscape. In wanting to keep everyone on their toes today we started out with some Sally squat action before the workout. GOOD MORNING QUADS! Moving into the workout we revisited level 2 with our simple but effective Fish Hooks. Run down the stairs, turn and run up the next set of stairs, bust out a quick set of pushups before heading back to the start and getting in some dips and box jumps, finally a set of burpees waiting for you at the top and then repeat the circuit.


Easy peasy right? I mean there’s no way we could do a burnout if we started with Sally. You figured we were just being kind when we ended 6 minutes earlier than usual. Then you saw Maggie, boot and all, getting into planking position. Thus began 5 and a half minutes of ab sculpting, gut busting torture. I’m not going to lie, I would rather do back to back sally’s with a Sebastian sandwiched between them before going through Maggie’s plank circuit.


You guys faced every challenge head on today, and it began before the workout with finding parking downtown. Now we know that we can park on Hill Street or down on Broadway in Chinatown. Today also marks my 3 year anniversary of moving to LA. Oftentimes we move to a new place excited about fresh starts and potential. Sometimes though we struggle to find what we consider “home”. That sense of belonging, the comfort in your new surroundings, family, and a connection to the community. My favorite thing about #homesweetroam is that no matter where we are in this city, it feels like home.

After all, home is wherever I’m with you!


Do Great LA!



  • WEDNESDAYS IN MARCH – Grand Park, Downtown LA
  • BIRTHDAY WORKOUT – Friday March 3rd, 6:27 am @ Santa Monica Beach. Location here.
    • *BYOBalloon* (blown up and creatively secured to your body in a way so it doesn’t float away and pollute the earth!!!)
  • RECRUITING EVENT – Sunday March 5th, 10:00am @ Hollywood Farmers Market
    • We’re gonna #justshowup and tell other people to do exactly that.
  • BETTER THAN BEDTIME – Saturday March 4th, 5:00 pm @ Pershing Square
    • Meet up, run a 5k to another location, drink all the beers with your friends
    • March 19th, mile 19!
    • Sign up here.
      • Team name: November Project LAX
      • Password: dogoodLA
Grand Park(ing) Adventure (LAX)
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