In our second installment of Substitute Teachers, we had three badass ladies lead the workout and give us a lesson in grabbing life by the balls. Read the blog post by one of our sitters, Fiona Buckley.

NPSDAs the day came closer and closer to where Antonette, Vicky and I were supposed to step in and babysit for NPSD, I thought back to a year ago when I first met Brogan Graham at a barbershop. I had just crossed the street to get some money out of an ATM when I thought to myself , “I really want to find a group of people that are passionate about working out and that pump each other up”. That’s when I passed the Crossfit gym on Turquoise St. and boy am I glad I kept walking. If I had stopped in and checked out the gym, I would have missed Brogan getting on his bike. I had noticed his shin tattoo while getting my haircut and I was curious. So I asked him about it. He asked me about my undercut. I told him I wanted to get back into shape. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

About a day before I received a group message from Angelo, Eugene and Ashleigh, asking Antonette, Vicky and me to babysit for NP, I thought to myself, “I would really like to lead a group of people and I want to pump people up. Get them inspired.” I’ve noticed this trend before. You know, when what you’re thinking has a funny way of making itself into a reality.

When the three of us gals met up, we fed off of each others’ energies. Antonette planned on giving everybody a badass history lesson and Vicky incorporated the ping pong ball method that she picked up in Philly and decided to call the workout “Grabbing life by the balls”. I threw in a couple ideas of my own and put a reminder in my phone to charge my camera batteries and clear my memory cards. It was beautiful. It was kind of like how a mother loves her baby before he or she is even born or whatever.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, November Project works because we all want to be there. We all get a high before we even start running. It’s one of those keystone habits that leads to other positive things in life. It’s a combination of the bounce, the I’m-glad-you-showed-up-hugs, the high fives, Ashleigh’s fart jokes… It’s a community built on matching frequencies, thoughts, passions, accountabili-buddies and most of all, just showing up.



Hey co-leaders, thanks for giving us an opportunity to grab life by the balls today! See ya’ll Monday (at Kate Sessions Park)!

– Fiona



Grabbin’ Life by the Balls
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